Poison and Paradise





The reason why we go on a trip is
because we want to go paradise.

Paradise is something delightful.
Paradise is something without anguish.
Poison is something ideal.

If paradise is delightful, without anguish and ideal,
the condition of good trip is find out paradise.
We need trip for extraordinary experience named paradise.

Because paradise means the place
where we can have overwhelming thing
that take us beyond ecstasy.





The reason why we go on a trip is
because we want to be overwhelmed by something poisonous.

Poison is something dangerous.
Poison is something having outrageous effects.
Poison is something having confusing mood.

If poison is dangerous, outrageous and confusing,
the condition of good trip is to take poison.
We need trip for extraordinary experience named poison.

Because poison means the place
where we can have overwhelming thing
that take us beyond hazard.

つまり毒/楽園は、独自の美学で満たされた不可侵のエリア。 境界の向こう側で機能する秘密のシステム。

例えば、宇宙、あの世、第六感界、夢の世界。アヘン窟、外国、雑居ビルの一室。 ベッドルーム、街、君の暮らす部屋。 家族という集団、誰かの隠れ家、儀式めいたすべての営み ……つまり、あらゆる境界線の向こう側を暴けば、そこに毒/楽園が潜んでいる。

毒/楽園に出会ったときどうするか? それは、ただ感じることだ。 そのとき毒/楽園は意識の導火線と手を結び、俺たちをまだ知らないゾーンに導いてくれる。

3冊目となる今号のテーマは「毒と楽園」への旅だこれから毒楽園世界の探検を始める。 最後には、毒/楽園に導く境界線を発見する旅行者の目と、 理性の監視を盗んで向こう側を味わう旅行者の好奇心を手に入れることになる。

なんのために? 理由は、このひとことに集約される。 「もっと、楽しみたい!」

The point is, poison/paradise is an inviolable area filled with its own aesthetic.
That is a secret system functioning over the border.

For example, the cosmos, heaven, world of six senses, dream, opium den, foreign land, small room of a squat building, town, your bedroom, collective named family, someone’s hideout, our every ritualistic activities
…it means if we uncover any borderlines, we can encounter hidden poison/paradise that is omnipresent.

What to do when you are in world of poison/paradise? Feel as it be.
Then it will tie-up with a fuse of perception that guides you to psychoactive states.
The theme of this issue is trip of “Poison and Paradise ”.

From now on, we start exploration of world of poison/paradise.
Eventually, you will get the eyes and curiosity of tripper.
The eyes find out the borderlines of world of poison/paradise and the curiosity that breaks you out from the jail of reason.

What for? The answer is simple.
“We need more!”

「毒と楽園」 Poison and Paradise
Size: A4 (297*210mm)
Pages: 116p
Price: 1,300yen (without tax)



身体の深淵を覗く-EXERCISE for ALTERD STATES- オトナの保健体育


First of all, we will prepare gymnastics to enjoy poison and paradise throughout the body. You do not have to hold it. The prediction will not save us in most cases. This is a practice that entrusts consciousness to the magical power of body and tastes experiences as they are.


魔女・媚薬・晩餐 おばあちゃんのひみつパーティー


Encounter the witches ritual at the end of the stray way. The journey of poison and paradise is an experience to enjoy such an incident. Is it a dream or psychoactive trip by some dope? Here is a mad feast of witches who treat aphrodisiacs. Please enjoy the image of the semi reality crossing science and superstition.


便所糞尿解放声明 うんちだいすき


The toilet is a liberated area with mixed poison and paradise, familiar to you all. Sneak into the inside of the door, reveal the lower body and move yourself from the hole of the human body to underwater...... There is a romance hidden in the mysterious excretion performed in a secret small room.


眞夜中の獨立國 ドッキドキ❤︎夜のSHIBUYA探検


Ceremonial works in Love hotels, madness in the streets all over the town. If you stare at the eyes of tourists, the downtown area at midnight is no other than a mysterious independent nation. Until the morning sun rises, SHIBUYA changes to an independent country by the human race of the midnight.


短編小説「虚構のユートピア」 短編小説「本当のユートピア」


Utopia. It is the name of a real town that is in Texas. This story is set in Utopia town, fictional stuff spinning by Yumiko Kikuchi. Reality and fiction begin to intersect with "me" and family moving to this little paradise.


死と錯乱を招くもの 富と栄光を招くもの


Now, it is an exposition that collects toxic goods and paradise-like goods. Take a good look at the enchanting ability of things. Well, which is poison and which is paradise? Or, neither may be so different…


暴かれた秘密のブックマーク16 おすすめ愉快なブックマーク16


Everyone lives with secret. Of course, even in Internet as the world of poison and paradise, it is the same. Peeping into someone’s bookmark list of the browser, secret blogs and homepages that the person read secretly were hidden.


異言を唱える超越者たち ご近所名言コレクション


The street is intensely appealing. It is a message of God adorned in religious facilities, a phrase on the sticker, sometimes a letter from a prostitute. Listens to the mysterious language world thrown by residents on the other side.


中毒者の形相 だって好きなんだもん


Once you look from outside, it is the poison. Once you put it inside, it will be a paradise...that is addiction. It is certain fact that addiction makes this world interesting in every aspect of art and life. By the way, everyone is like some kind of addict, are you?

この号の読み方 HOW TO READ this issue of the magazine

  1. ① 今回の号は特別な構造を持ち、雑誌全体がひとつの物語の形として描かれています。
  2. ② この号は9の特集企画と、雑誌1冊を通底する “ひと続きの物語”の2要素で構成されます。
  3. ③ 特集企画の本文テキストは、企画を横断し雑誌全体を通して“ひと続きの物語”を描きます。
  4. ④ そのため、ページ順に従わず読み進めた場合には、意味の混乱をまねく場合があります。
  5. ⑤ “ひと続きの物語”は「毒と楽園」を体現します。また、それぞれの特集企画と関係します。
  6. ⑥ “ひと続きの物語”は前編・後編に分かれています。幕間にはコラムやお知らせを含みます。 
  7. ⑦ “ひと続きの物語”と各企画は、お互いを説明しあるいはお互いの一部を担いながら進行します。 
  8. ⑧ 物語の幕が開いたあとは、観劇に来られた心持ちでどうぞゆっくりご覧ください。
  1. 1) This issue has an original construction. An entire book signifies a long story.
  2. 2) This issue is composed by two elements. The first one is 9 articles. The other one is a long story that connected trough the whole pages.
  3. 3) The 9 articles has body text that crosses over articles. That is the “long story”.
  4. 4) Therefore if you don’t tum pages in order, you may have confused.
  5. 5) The long story exemplifies the theme of this issue ”Poison and Paradise”. The long story is connected with each article.
  6. 6) The long story is divided into former half and latter half. It has an interlude, information and columns.
  7. 7) The long story and the 9 articles are explained and interacted each other.
  8. 8) When the curtain rises, please enjoy the long story and articles with the feeling of theatergoing.
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